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    To view this season's first sightings in the Somerset and Bristol area visit "First sightings"



    Download a Casual Records Input Form

    Download a Butterfly Site Recording Form

    We welcome records of butterfly sightings from anyone at any time; the minimum requirements for a record are:

        * Butterfly species

        * Date seen

        * Place seen

        * Number seen

        We also need your name, address and telephone number

        Always make sure of the species; get a good view of the butterfly, preferably settling, before noting it down.

        Give a 4 or 6 figure grid reference of the location, if you can; if not then give a clear description of where you saw it, such as a street name, pub or other identifiable landmark, as well as the nearest town or village. A town name alone is not sufficient as; "Bristol" for example, could refer to many different 1 km grid squares.

        If the species is rare, or appears to be unusual, describe as much as you possibly can about the appearance of the butterfly and where you saw it, how it behaved, how you identified it, and if at all possible get a photograph.


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