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  2015 Sightings  
 Species 1st Sighting
 Small Skipper 24th June - ST6131 
 Essex Skipper 30th June - ST4951 
 Large Skipper 28th May - ST5741 
 Dingy Skipper 20th April - ST4254 
 Grizzled Skipper 13th April - ST3933 
 Wood White  
 Clouded Yellow 31st July - ST0143 
 Brimstone 5th March - ST2443 
 Large White 5th April - ST4931 
 Small white 17th March - ST2837 
 Green-veined White 5th April - ST3209 
 Orange Tip 6th April - ST2126 
 Green Hairstreak 15th April - ST4931 
 Brown Hairstreak  
 Purple Hairstreak  
 White-letter Hairstreak 7th July - ST4931 
 Small Copper 24th April - ST2544 
 Small Blue 22nd May - ST5128 
 Brown Argus 28th April - ST4851 
 Common Blue 28th April - ST3265 
 Chalk-hill Blue 8th July - ST4851 
 Adonis Blue  
 Holly Blue 6th April - SS9943 
 Large Blue 4th June - near Collard Hill 
 Duke of Burgundy 21st April - ST1817 
 White Admiral 23rd June - ST4240 
 Red Admiral 2nd Jan. - ST3112 
 Painted Lady 12th April - ST4623 
 Small Tortoiseshell 9th Feb. - ST0143 
 Peacock 25th Jan. - ST0143 
 Comma 5th March - ST2837 
 Small Pearl-Bordered Fritillary 26th May - ST1023 
 Dark Green Fritillary 18th June - SS8948 
 Silver-washed Fritillary 29th June - ST4365 
 Marsh Fritillary 20th May - ST1528 
 Glanville Fritillary  
 Heath Fritillary 30th May - SS9728 
 Speckled Wood 6th March - ST1035 
 Wall 8th April - ST2545 
 Marbled White 9th June - ST5228 
 Grayling 1st July - ST2859 
 Gatekeeper 1st July - ST5128 
 Meadow Brown 3rd June - ST5033 
 Small Heath 7th May - ST3955 
 Ringlet 11th June - ST0432 

  2014 Sightings  
 Species 1st Sighting
 Small Skipper  
 Essex Skipper  
 Large Skipper 25th May - ST3955 
 Dingy Skipper 21st April - ST4931 
 Grizzled Skipper 10th April - ST4931 
 Wood White  
 Clouded Yellow  
 Brimstone 2nd January - ST2425 
 Large White 30th March - ST4932 
 Small white 1st April - ST4832 
 Green-veined White 1st April - ST0328 
 Orange Tip 30th March - ST4732 
 Green Hairstreak 15th April - ST4933 
 Brown Hairstreak  
 Purple Hairstreak  
 White-letter Hairstreak  
 Small Copper 18th April - ST0933 
 Small Blue  
 Brown Argus 3rd May - ST4931 
 Common Blue 3rd May - ST4254 
 Chalk-hill Blue  
 Adonis Blue  
 Holly Blue 8th April - ST4832 
 Large Blue  
 Duke of Burgundy 22nd April - ST2720 
 White Admiral  
 Red Admiral 11th Jan - ST4508 
 Painted Lady 5th May - ST3451 
 Small Tortoiseshell 16th Feb - ST3563 
 Peacock 16th Feb. - ST7566 
 Comma 9th March - ST1539,ST4555,ST0143 
 Small Pearl-Bordered Fritillary 15th May - ST1023 
 Dark Green Fritillary  
 Silver-washed Fritillary  
 Marsh Fritillary 14th May - ST1528 
 Glanville Fritillary  
 Heath Fritillary  
 Speckled Wood 18th Feb. - ST4575 
 Wall 1st May - ST4732 
 Marbled White  
 Meadow Brown  
 Small Heath 6th May - ST4930 

  2013 Sightings  
 Species 1st Sighting
 Small Skipper 26th June - ST4851 
 Essex Skipper 16th July - ST5033 
 Large Skipper 9th June - ST4951 
 Dingy Skipper 6th May - ST5030 
 Grizzled Skipper 23rd April - ST5030 
 Wood White 10th June - ST2616 
 Clouded Yellow 19th June - ST4951 
 Brimstone 30th Jan. - ST4553 
 Large White 27th April - ST1321 
 Small white 19th April - ST3663 
 Green-veined White 23rd April - ST2124 
 Orange Tip 23rd April - ST5030 
 Green Hairstreak 30th April - ST5674 
 Brown Hairstreak 30th July - ST0722 
 Purple Hairstreak 9th July - ST1925 
 White-letter Hairstreak 11th July - ST8067 
 Small Copper 22nd May - SS8948 
 Small Blue 9th June - ST4951 
 Brown Argus 22nd May - ST4930 
 Common Blue 18th May - ST3955 
 Chalk-hill Blue 16th July - ST5033 
 Adonis Blue  
 Holly Blue 20th April - ST0143 
 Large Blue 14th June - ST4834 
 Duke of Burgundy 5th May - ST2720 
 White Admiral 9th July - ST4241 
 Red Admiral 15th Feb. - ST0143 & ST2124 
 Painted Lady 18th June - ST5050 
 Small Tortoiseshell 11th Jan. - ST3435 
 Peacock 5th Jan. - ST1444 
 Comma 14th April - ST1925 
 Small Pearl-Bordered Fritillary 2nd June - ST1022 
 Dark Green Fritillary 10th June - ST3265 
 Silver-washed Fritillary 5th July - ST4931 
 Marsh Fritillary 4th June - near Taunton 
 Glanville Fritillary 6th June - ST3266 
 Heath Fritillary 6th June - SS8945 
 Speckled Wood 15th April - ST2324 
 Wall 19th May - ST2345 
 Marbled White 26th June - ST4851 
 Grayling 26th June - SS8948 
 Gatekeeper 11th July - ST0143 
 Meadow Brown 5th June - ST4834 
 Small Heath 16th May - ST5030 
 Ringlet 25th June - ST1817 

  2012 Sightings  
 Species 1st Sighting
 Small Skipper 25th June - ST4575 
 Essex Skipper 13th July - ST5626 
 Large Skipper 29th May - ST4834 
 Dingy Skipper 13th April - ST4930 
 Grizzled Skipper 2nd April - ST4273 
 Wood White 31st May - ST2616 
 Clouded Yellow 31st Aug - ST5161 
 Brimstone 10th March - ST2620 
 Large White 25th March - ST5030 
 Small white 11th March - ST3038 
 Green-veined White 25th March - ST5030 
 Orange Tip 22nd March - ST3141 
 Green Hairstreak 11th April - ST4933 
 Brown Hairstreak 7th Sept - ST5525 
 Purple Hairstreak 29th June - ST5625 
 White-letter Hairstreak 25th July - ST5673 
 Small Copper 2nd April - ST3266 
 Small Blue 26th May - ST4851 
 Brown Argus 12th May - ST4834 
 Common Blue 11th May - ST4330 
 Chalk-hill Blue 8th August - ST4851 
 Adonis Blue  
 Holly Blue 26th March - ST1321 
 Large Blue 25th May - ST4834 
 Duke of Burgundy 2nd May - ST1817 
 White Admiral 8th July - ST4241 
 Red Admiral 2nd Jan. - ST5417  
 Painted Lady 26th May - ST3265 
 Small Tortoiseshell 29th Feb. - ST4226 
 Peacock 8th Jan. - ST0830 
 Comma 10th March - ST2620 
 Small Pearl-Bordered Fritillary 21st May - ST1022 
 Dark Green Fritillary 6th June - SS8948 
 Silver-washed Fritillary 21st June - ST6363 
 Marsh Fritillary 1st June - ST4756 
 Glanville Fritillary 20th May - ST3265 
 Heath Fritillary 9th June - SS9728 
 Speckled Wood 24th March - ST4575 
 Wall 12th May - ST3265 
 Marbled White 13th June - ST4834 
 Grayling 29th July - ST3955 
 Gatekeeper 5th July - ST3955 
 Meadow Brown 22nd May - ST3955 
 Small Heath 21st April - ST5033 
 Ringlet 12th June - ST3955 

  2011 Sightings  
 Species 1st Sighting
 Small Skipper 15th June - Collard Hill 
 Essex Skipper 8th July - ST5525 
 Large Skipper 14th May - ST4851 
 Dingy Skipper 17th April - ST497308 
 Grizzled Skipper 8th April - Worley Hill 
 Wood White 27th May - Staple Common 
 Clouded Yellow 15th July - ST5363 
 Brimstone 11th February - ST501486 
 Large White 12th April - ST3141 
 Small White 19th March - ST2938  
 Green-veined White 27th March - Bridgwater 
 Orange Tip 25th March - ST522338 
 Green Hairstreak 7th April - ST496339 
 Brown Hairstreak 22nd July - ST5625  
 Purple Hairstreak 17th June - ST5625 
 White-letter Hairstreak 10th June - ST4930 
 Small Copper 12th April - ST460105 
 Small Blue 30th April - ST4951 
 Brown Argus 22nd April - ST5030 
 Common Blue 22nd April - ST5030 
 Chalk-hill Blue 4th July - ST4851 
 Adonis Blue  
 Holly Blue 25th March - ST4226 
 Large Blue 27th May - Collard Hill 
 Duke of Burgundy 17th April - Buckland Wood 
 White Admiral 23rd June - ST4240 
 Red Admiral 18th January - ST3261 
 Painted Lady 9th April - SS8947 
 Small Tortoiseshell 8th February - ST3434 
 Large Tortoiseshell  
 Peacock 8th January - ST465232 
 Comma 15th March - ST2938 
 Small Pearl-Bordered Fritillary 3rd May - ST0328 
 Dark Green Fritillary 2nd June - SS8948 
 Silver-washed Fritillary 14th June - SS9048 
 Marsh Fritillary 5th May - ST5031 
 Glanville Fritillary 30th April - Sand Point 
 Heath Fritillary 19th May - SS8945 
 Speckled Wood 13th March - ST4439 
 Wall 22nd April - ST4255 
 Marbled White 3rd June - ST7765 
 Grayling 25th June - ST2859 
 Gatekeeper 1st July - ST2938 
 Meadow Brown 22nd May - ST2620 
 Small Heath 26th April - ST252451 
 Ringlet 6th June - ST1023 

  2010 Sightings  
 Species 1st Sighting
 Small Skipper 11th June - SS8948 
 Essex Skipper 25th June - ST4145 
 Large Skipper 28th May - ST3955  
 Dingy Skipper 21st April - ST4254  
 Grizzled Skipper 16th April - ST4254 
 Wood White 24th May - ST2415  
 Clouded Yellow 28th May - ST3855  
 Brimstone 21st March - ST3141  
 Large White 7th April - ST4653  
 Small white 7th April - ST2524  
 Green-veined White 10th April - ST3038  
 Orange Tip 8th April - ST3140  
 Green Hairstreak 17th April - Worley Hill  
 Brown Hairstreak 23rd July - ST5625  
 Purple Hairstreak 11th July - ST5030  
 White-letter Hairstreak 11th July - ST5030  
 Small Copper 13th April - Sand Point  
 Small Blue 10th May - ST4851  
 Brown Argus 1st May - ST4254  
 Common Blue 5th May - ST3140  
 Chalk-hill Blue 16th July - ST4851  
 Adonis Blue 12th June - ST4834  
 Holly Blue 9th April - ST3221  
 Large Blue 6th June - Collard Hill 
 Duke of Burgundy 10th May - ST2720  
 White Admiral 26th June - ST6363  
 Red Admiral 5th Feb. - ST5516  
 Painted Lady 9th June - Collard Hill  
 Small Tortoiseshell 2nd March - ST2938  
 Large Tortoiseshell  
 Peacock 16th March - ST7364  
 Comma 21st March - ST3140  
 Small Pearl-Bordered Fritillary 21st May - ST1023  
 Dark Green Fritillary 2nd June - Bossington  
 Silver-washed Fritillary 22nd June - ST6363  
 Marsh Fritillary 2nd June - ST4756  
 Glanville Fritillary 17th May - Sand Point  
 Heath Fritillary 2nd June - SS9041  
 Speckled Wood 10th April - ST1122  
 Wall 28th April - ST0443  
 Marbled White 12th June - ST3955  
 Grayling 8th July - SS9447  
 Gatekeeper 3rd July - ST2720 & ST0143  
 Meadow Brown 2nd June - Worley Hill  
 Small Heath 9th May - ST5030  
 Ringlet 12th June - ST3955  

  2009 Sightings  
 Species 1st Sighting
 Small Skipper  1st June
 Essex Skipper  9th June
 Large Skipper  10th May
 Dingy Skipper  11th April
 Grizzled Skipper 12th April - ST4930  
 Wood White  22nd May - Staple Common
 Clouded Yellow  2nd June
 Brimstone  15th January
 Large White  26th March
 Small white  6th March - ST7768 North End near Bath
 Green-veined White  19th March - ST2837
 Orange Tip  1st April - Radstock
 Green Hairstreak  19th April - Thurlbear Quarrylands
 Brown Hairstreak  25th July - Babcary
 Purple Hairstreak  29th June
 White-letter Hairstreak  21st June - Worley Hill
 Small Copper  19th April - Sand Point
 Small Blue  10th May - Stoke Camp
 Brown Argus  2nd May - Sand Point
 Common Blue  2nd May - Sand Point
 Chalk-hill Blue  8th July - ST5343
 Adonis Blue  23rd May
 Holly Blue  18th March - ST232243
 Large Blue   2nd June
 Duke of Burgundy  20th April - Thurlbear Quarrylands
 White Admiral  28th June - Shapwick Heath
 Red Admiral  16th February - Crook Peak ST3955
 Painted Lady  16th March - ST3451 - Brent Knoll
 Small Tortoiseshell  15th January - Crook Peak ST3955
 Large Tortoiseshell  
 Peacock  20th January - ST3162
 Comma  21st February - ST738642
 Small Pearl-Bordered Fritillary  10th May - Clatworthy
 Dark Green Fritillary  14th June - Bossington
 Silver-washed Fritillary  20th June - Langford Heathfield
 Marsh Fritillary  5th June
 Glanville Fritillary  20th May - Sand Point
 Heath Fritillary  30th May
 Speckled Wood  1st April - ST313411
 Wall  19th April - Crook Peak
 Marbled White  29th May
 Grayling  4th July - Bossington
 Gatekeeper  21st June
 Meadow Brown  1st May - Wookey Hole
 Small Heath  17th May - Thurlbear Quarrylands
 Ringlet  13th June

 2008 Sightings    
 Species 1st Sighting Last Sighting
 Small Skipper  11th June  22nd August
 Essex Skipper  16th June  2nd August
 Large Skipper  23rd May  7th August
 Dingy Skipper  6th May  4th July
 Grizzled Skipper  15th April  1th June
 Wood White  13th May  28th June
 Clouded Yellow  24th July  26th September
 Brimstone  9th February  20th September
 Large White  2nd April  11th October
 Small white  2nd April  22nd October
 Green-veined White  13th April  2nd October
 Orange Tip  8th April  21st May
 Green Hairstreak  14th May  21st July
 Brown Hairstreak  14th August  24th September
 Purple Hairstreak  16th June  2nd August
 White-letter Hairstreak  25th June  11th August
 Small Copper  23rd April  26th September
 Small Blue  21st May  24th June
 Brown Argus  18th May  29th September
 Common Blue  22nd April  16th September
 Chalk-hill Blue  22nd July  8th September
 Adonis Blue  6th June  30th August
 Holly Blue  23rd March  10th September
 Large Blue  Information not yet available  
 Duke of Burgundy  3rd May  8th June
 White Admiral  1st July  23rd July
 Red Admiral  8th February  17th October
 Painted Lady  2nd May  26th September
 Small Tortoiseshell  9th February  8th October
 Large Tortoiseshell  19th July  19th July
 Peacock  27th February  7th October
 Comma  30th March  17th October
 Small Pearl-Bordered Fritillary  9th May  30th June
 Dark Green Fritillary  30th June  19th August
 Silver-washed Fritillary  16th June  23rd September
 Marsh Fritillary  6th June  14th June
 Glanville Fritillary  14th May  27th May
 Heath Fritillary  16th June  3rd July
 Speckled Wood  2nd March  12th October
 Wall  26th April  26th September
 Marbled White  17th June  15th August
 Grayling  16th June  22nd August
 Gatekeeper  22nd June  26th September
 Meadow Brown  1st June  8th October
 Small Heath  12th May  2nd October
 Ringlet  23rd June  15th August

2008 Notes

Wood White - No second brood

Small Blue - No second brood

Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary - No second brood


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